We’ve improved the most researched and clinically proven bulk fill composite. It’s now approved for an expanded range of indications. It provides more shades. And it offers greater wear resistance and radiopacity for increased versatility. Discover the pluses for your practice.

Versatile +

SureFil SDR flow+ material can be used in a wider range of indications. It also offers additional shades (A1 + A2 + A3)

Durable +

The modified glass filler package increases wear-resistance, expanding the range of indications to now include Class III and Class V restorations.

Radiopaque +

Increased radiopacity means SureFil SDR flow+ material is more visible on X-rays, helping prevent future misdiagnosis.


Quickly self-levels with no further manipulation required, simplifying the placement of restorations even on maxillary posterior teeth.

Excellent Cavity Adaptation

Fills and adapts to the cavity, flowing deeply into nooks and crannies to provide excellent marginal integrity.

Bulk Fill

Bulk fill up to 4mm, with minimal shrinkage stress, to streamline your procedure and save up to 40 percent in placement time1.

Clinically Proven

Most researched, clinically proven bulk fill flowable, with more than 84,000 dentists worldwide trying SureFil SDR flow material1.
The #1 bulk fill flowable is now even better. Discover the plus side for all your restorations.
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Introductory Video
This new and improved bulk fill flowable still self-levels, providing excellent cavity adaptation with up to 60% less polymerization stress. And its unique chemistry allows you to bulk fill up to 4mm without any manipulation, simplifying your Class II procedures.
SureFil SDR flow+ vs. SonicFill 2 Video
Which bulk fill material should you use? Watch the cavity adaptation, self-leveling and ease of use provided by SureFil SDR flow+ material versus leading competition. Then try it for yourself.
Polymerization Stress
DENTSPLY’s breakthrough SDRTM technology reduces polymerization shrinkage stress by up to 60%2.

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Case Studies
Don’t just take our word for it. More than 84,000 dentists have already tried SureFil SDR flow material3. Learn from real-world experience.

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Excellent Cavity Adaption
Bulk Fill up to 4mm
Expanded Indications
Increased Wear Resistance
Improved Radiopacity
It’s all a big plus, so what are you waiting for?