Case Studies

The proof is in the pictures—and the case studies.

It's not just about how great we think our bulk fill flowable is, it's about how well it works. That's why we've asked dentists, who have used our product, to show you SureFil® SDR® flow+ bulk fill flowable material in action. Read the case studies below, and decide for yourself whether this breakthrough material is right for your practice. These dentists have.

Case Study 1

Patient: 45 year-old, healthy female
Discovery: Restoration on #3 had developed defective margins.

Case Study 2

Patient: 43 year-old, healthy male.
Complaint: Food impaction on molar #31. No other indications.

Case Study 3

Patient: 50 year-old, healthy female.
Complaint: Sensitivity to hot and cold, poor aesthetics.

Case Study 4

Patient: Healthy female
Complaint: Osmotic or thermal stimuli pain in 1st lower molar

Case Study 5

Patient: 45 year-old male
Procedure: Restore tooth 16, endodontically treated

Case Study 6

Patient: 48 year-old male
Complaint: Lesion on distal aspect of tooth number 36