Self-leveling Saves Time. Twice.

Patient: 45 year-old, healthy female
Discovery: Restoration on #3 had developed defective margins.

Case Planning 

After examination during a routine hygiene visit, patient was shown digital photographs of the defective alloy restoration on #3. After careful consideration, we elected to replace that alloy and the first bicuspid. Patient had no symptoms before replacement, but may have started to if restoration was not performed.


After following up with patient, she had no symptoms after the restorations were placed.

Amalgams on #3 and #5 in need of replacement.

MO cavity preparation on #3 and DO on #5 following caries removal.

SureFil® SDR® flow material has been placed to the level of the DEJ and light cured for 20 seconds, and is being placed in number 3. The narrow cannula allows for precise placement and excellent cavity adaptation. The flow of the material promotes self-leveling and does not require manipulation.

The restorations have been completed with placement of a 2mm layer of EsthetX HD. A body shade has been used and presents adequate opacity for a pleasing esthetic result

Dr. Martin Goldstein

SureFilSDRflow image
After graduating from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and completing post-graduate training in general dentistry at Yale University's general practice residency program, Dr. Goldstein now practices general dentistry in Wolcott, CT. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics, an author for Dentistry Today, and is recognized as a Dentistry Today Top 100 CE Leader for his expertise in the field of dental digital photography. In 2002, Dr. Goldstein founded the Comfort Zone Cosmetics Seminar series with Smile Vision Inc. Its mission is to provide an easy-to-follow system that even the most novice dentists can use to generate consistent, predictable results.