A Great-looking, Sensitivity-free Restoration.

Patient: 50 year-old, healthy female.
Complaint:Sensitivity to hot and cold, poor aesthetics.

Case Planning 

The patient is a 50-year-old female that has sensitivity to cold on two posterior teeth. She also expressed an interest in wanting something more aesthetic to replace the amalgam fillings that are there. Anesthetic was given. The teeth were isolated with a rubber dam. The amalgams were removed. The teeth were cleaned with Chlorhexidine for 15 seconds and rinsed. The photos below trace the procedure from beginning to end.


Patient was completely satisfied with the look of the restoration. Follow-up with the patient indicated no sensitivity to hot or cold on either tooth.

Before Amalgam Replacement

Total etch and rinse

Placement of XP BOND®

Placed and cured SureFil® SDR® flow material

Placement of Esthet•X® HD on the buccal and light cured

Shaping Esthet•X® HD

Placing Esthet•X® HD on the lingual surface

Removing excess Esthet•X® HD with carbide 7404

Finishing with Enhance® finishing cup

Final SureFil® SDR® flow material case

Dr. Poss

SureFilSDRflow image
Dr. Poss graduated from the University Of Tennessee College of Dentistry in 1983. Dr. Poss has directed numerous live patient continuums at various teaching institutes including the Clinical Director of the both the Anterior and Posterior continuums at the Las Vegas Institute from 1997-2004. Dr. Poss is currently the Clinical Director at The Center for Exceptional Practices in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also on the editorial team of Reality publishing. Dr. Poss lectures internationally on esthetic dentistry and TMD. He is an active consultant to several dental manufacturers in the area of new product development and refinement. He has had numerous articles published in most of the leading dental journals. He maintains a cosmetic – oriented restorative practice in Brentwood, Tennessee.