A Fast, Pain-free Molar Restoration

Patient: 43 year-old, healthy male.
Complaint: Food impaction on molar #31. No other indications.

Case Planning 

After examination, it was determined that tooth #28 had an old amalgam with open margins and signs of secondary caries, as well as a Class II composite on tooth #31 with radiographic and clinical signs of secondary caries and an open contact with food impaction.

Options were given and the patient preferred the most conservative approach, which was to replace the two old restorations with direct composite. SureFil® SDR® flow material was chosen to help reduce marginal integrity issues and prevent a recurrence of secondary caries.


The patient was followed up after one day and one week and he never experienced post-operative pain and is able to floss well without noticeable food impaction.

Pre-operative view of the existing restorations.

After the removal of the old restorations and caries, both teeth had to be prepared deeply due to caries. Stained dentin was left which was healthy.

Each tooth then received a first increment of SureFil® SDR® flow material (in both cases short of enamel). Notice that the molar received an increment deeper on some areas.

Finished restoration, after using a single second increment of dentin color A2 Esthet•X® HD material.

Jose-Luis Ruiz DDS

SureFilSDRflow image
Dr. Ruiz has been in full-time private practice in Los Angeles for 18 years. He has been named as one of the “Top Clinicians in CE in 2006-2009” by Dentistry Today. Dr. Ruiz was also Director of the Los Angeles Institute of Esthetic Dentistry and also Course Director of the “University of Southern California’s Esthetic Dentistry Continuum” from 2004-2009.