Technique Simplified.

Patient: 48 year-old male
Complaint: Lesion on distal aspect of tooth number 36

Case Planning 

A 48-year old male patient presented a carious-lesion on the distal aspect of tooth number 36. An old amalgam restoration was present in the tooth.

Clinical Protocol

Pre-operative view.

Amalgam removed. Sectional matrix system placed.

A bonding system (Prime & Bond NT unidose) used to humidify the entire surface for 20 seconds.

Placement of SureFil® SDR® flow material.

The material fills all spaces in the cavity without requiring manipulation. Its low viscosity allows it to accumulate even on the steep inclines. The cavity is filled to a level 2 mm below the surface margin and light-cured for 20 seconds.

A final layer of Esthet•X HD composite is applied on the occlusal surface.

The postoperative radiograph illustrates the excellent visibility of SureFil® SDR® flow material. Its radiopacity is higher than that of enamel.

Victor Alonso de la Pena, DDS

SureFilSDRflow image
Associate Professor for Adult Integrated Odontology Faculty of Medicine and Odontology, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Note: Case utilizes FDI Tooth numbering system.